Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ya Know it Would Happen Somewhere

Whatever happened to the days when people weren't such big pussies whining about shit, that this bullshit has to take place:
So fuckin what if someone wants to cheer and have a grand time...It's a fucking graduation ceremony, time to celebrate. What the hell is happening with the sissifying of this damn country? Too many dipshits are so damn P.C. it's sickening.

O.K. Off my rant. No, wait, I wanna bitch about this amnesty shit. What the hell is wrong with wanting to keep illegal fucks out of our neighborhood. More damn sissifying of the people. What the hell do people think is going to happen when all these illegal fucks get amnesty and become citizens? Don't think they won't get complacent and not go on welfare. You see how many rugrats they pop out? And how the hell you think they're going to pay for the upkeep for those rugrats on minimum wage? Why Welfare, of course! Why not, let's stay home and mooch off the hard working gringo's. But it's all political. All the lazy-ass politicians want is a vote to keep them in their plush office in D.C., and what better way than making the illegals legal...give them a vote! It ain't rocket science!

Damn I need a Murphy's.