Monday, November 20, 2006

My schedule...

has been so screwed up these last couple weeks. My grandmother passed away last Wed., deer season opened up on Sat., Pheasant hunts are going on this week, and the designer wants everyting done NOW! I did, however, finish a small job and pleased the customer because I got it installed sooner than I said.

This install job has me wanting to pound dirt! Nothing is ready when I need it to be, but when it is ready for my part(which I am waiting for so I can finish and get paid) the designer wants it done right away. Hey, Yo! Rome wasn't built in a day, and if you were coordinating it, it still wouldn't be done! Damn amateurs. Why am I surrounded by idiots? And of course the homeowners(who have been without a kitchen since Oct. 1) moved into their new kitchen this past weekend. Which means I have to work around them to finish up. OK, I'll quit bitching(although it is soo much fun).

Is everybody ready for Turkey day? I'm not. But when else do we get to sit around and gorge ourselves with copious amounts of bird and pies made from vegetables? Did I ever tell you how much I like pumpkin pie? Leftover pie?!?, send it home with me! And don't forget the whipped cream;p

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Have I ever told you how much I love nature? Yeah, and this morning it bit me in the ass. To be correct, it bit my truck in the ass. I was driving to the jobsite this morning and out of nowhere BAM! I hit a deer. Tried not to, left about 20 feet of skid marks from locking up the brakes. Yup, my truck took a beating. And I have to wait two weeks until I can slaughter the little fuckers. I searched for the runaway deer, but to no avail. This sucks.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I was once told by a wise person "Family is always the first to screw you", and it's pretty much true. My grandmother has cancer, she's going to die. And for some reason I can't bring myself to be stricken with grief. Maybe it's because growing up, my entire life, she and my gandfather treated my family like second class, while my father's little brother and his family were so grand and could do no wrong. I was just related a story today from my brother: My mother and father were visiting the nursing home where my gandmother is. Two of my aunt's, my cousin and her boyfriend were also there. They visited for a while, then out of nowhere my grandmother asked my parents if they would be offended if she asked them to leave. Ironic, but it didn't strike me as odd when I heard this. I guess because that is how my father has been treated his whole life. My father's sisters called and appologized later, each one of them. Also ironic, because that is the most they have ever called him(except to relay plans on family dinners). I am to the point where I don't want to go to the funeral, I don't want to go to any family gatherings. Mostly for the fact that I know I won't be able to control what I will have to say. I was raised and taught that you don't speak up, don't rock the boat. But I have learned that you get stepped on when you act that way. I will not be stepped on and downtrodden like I'm worthless. Unfortunately my father knows no better, and will let people walk all over him for the rest of his life. I feel bad for my dad, because he is a great person and deserves much better, especially from his family. But alas, Family is always the first to screw you!

TMI Tuesday #56

1. Would you vote to legalize marijuana? If not marijuana, what drug would you like to see legalized and why?
No, I wouldn’t vote to legalize anything that isn’t already.
2. Would you vote to legalize prostitution?
No, I’ll just go to Nevada.
3. Ever fantasize about a teacher in grade school/high school/college? If not a teacher, was there someone else? Classmate? Secretary? Janitor? Ever act on your fantasy?
I’ve never fantasized about a teacher, but plenty of classmates in college.

4. Do you feel everyone has a soulmate?
I think everyone has at least one, maybe more.

5. Do you have a foot obsession? Ever given or received a footjob?
Nope, and nope, but I’ve been known to kiss on toes occasionally

Bonus (as in optional): Do you have a favorite sex toy? Tell us what and why and provide a link for those out there that need or want an upgrade :)
I don’t have a favorite, but I like to use them on my partners. I guess I could say that the rabbit is one of my favorites. Sex toys are lots of fun!