Thursday, February 28, 2008

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Feb 14 HNT--HVD!

For this weeks theme, we have red. The color of passion. So here ya go, my red HNT:

Nothing feels as good after a long day as lounging around in my comfy pants.

Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My New Addition

OK, so I'm finally updating. I'm just now getting back to 100% after a nasty cold, so I apologise.

Well in my last post I said I was gonna be a daddy. So here's how the story goes: I've been looking since November, doing my research and such. I thought I had my mind made up on a Weimaraner, but then found a different breed. So I made my mind up, the next step was to find a good breeder(and the right price). Seeing how this breed is not enormously popular, it was a bit of a search. Not to mention, nobody I contacted in the national club would send me breed referrals. But prevail I did, and I went and picked up my little girl on Jan. 18...from Minnesota. Yup, goofy-ass me drove 10 hours for a dog. And I'd do it again. She was about 12 weeks old when I got her, today she's 14 weeks.
So here is my new Vizsla(veesh-la), Tess:

Ain't she the cutest:

Here she is posing for a picture with her puppy Kong(thank God for whoever invented that toy)

And here's Tess being a normal Vizsla, running back to me with her Kong

Ya see it's like this: you take a rocket, wrap it in a red furry coat with floppy ears, and ya got a vizsla.

Tess is very active, like most sporting dogs, and loves to play. One of the things that helped me choose a Vizsla is that they are very intelligent....and believe me, Tess is smart as a whip. In the two weeks I have had her, I already have her trained to come, sit, halt, fetch and retrieve, kennel(although she's a little stubborn with this one at times), and she is getting the shake thing down pat(just started on that yesterday).

And what can I say, I got a thing for redheads.