Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pics From the Windy City

I finally got the pictures onto my computer, so here goes:

Here is the TV in the bathroom mirror. When you turn on the main light, the TV is on a sensor that turns on when you enter the room.

Here is a shot showing the relation between the TV and the rest of the bathroom. You can sit on the can and watch your favorite show.

While we are still on the bathroom, I thought this was a bit funny...mood lighting for the can.

Seeing how I was there for a woodworking conference, I couldn't pass up getting pics of the fine wood in the room. These are the closet doors, nice rift-sawn oak...and there was lots more all over the hotel. Wood everywhere.

Here is a side table I thouhgt was interesting. The granite in the top actually rotated. Gives new meaning to "sit and spin".

This is a picture above the beds that I liked. Better than that crappy Motel 6 art.
And of course the flat screen TV. I don't have a TV, so I indulge when I go to a hotel.

And here's a shot of the bottle of $4 water. Luckily I brought my own rum 'n coke, so I didn't need to partake in that tasty treat.

That's about all the cool pictures I have. I have a couple looking out the window, but all they show are buildings and freeway. I didn't take any of the rest of the hotel 'cause I didn't want to look like too much of a country bumpkin.LOL

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Windy City

Bloggin from the windy city tonight. I'm up in Chi-town for an industry conference, at a kick-ass hotel. I've got pics I'll post later. This is the nicest hotel this country boy has ever been in, I'm trying not to get spoiled.

When they made up the room today, they left two packets of regular coffee for the in-room coffee-maker. Seeing how I only drink decaf drinks, I called guest service to request a packet of decaf. Less than five minutes later, somebody was at my door with the coffee. Talk about great service! OH! and there's a TV in the mirror in the bathroom! In. The. Mirror.

Anyhoo, pics will come when I get home and get them downloaded from my card. Ok, George Carlin is on HBO, gotta go.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Real Irish Pint

Went to a new pub on Friday to see Roger and the Firestarters, an Irish band from Cinci. Heard some songs from their new CD. Awesome music.

And what was great is the Guinness girls were there, walking around giving free 1/2 pints of Guinness. Now I'm usually a Murphy's Stout guy, but this so-called pub didn't have Murphy's(buncha bastidges), so I went for some Guinness. Had a free one the Guinness Girl gave me, then had a free one Guinness Girl gave my GF, then found a place to sit and someone left a free one sitting there all alone. I just couldn't let it go to waste, so yeah, I drank it too. Also shared a Strongbow, but was unimpressed. They only had strongbow in cans, and obviously forgot what a refrigerator was. Oh, and did I mention I had four pints of Strongbow before going to the pub? Yeah, it was a fun night. Now if they could just get some Murphy's on tap...that would be great. Slainte!