Wednesday, May 31, 2006

June 1 HNT

So what do you think, does blue look good on me? Me thinks better than those multi-colored ones last week.

Happy HNT!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Random Thoughts for a Friday

So it's Friday, and I just got some random thought. I like to people watch. Whenever I go into a store, whether it be Wally-World or the home improvement big-box store(cause that seems to be where I spend most of my time), I like to take notice of the people. Most employees are there to ask if you need any help, so they tend to look people in the eye('cept for that strange guy at Wally-World at the speedy checkout, who is always appologizing for being slow).

The ones I find interesting are the other consumers. I tend to keep my head up and look people in the eye as I'm walking through the store. One tends to get more smiles from others if you practice this habit(specially the cute women, yeah I can be a flirt). But then there are those who are always checking to make sure their shoes are still on their feet. I used to make sure my feet were still attached to my legs, but several years ago I gained the confidence to walk with my head up. And of course that makes me think: do those who walk looking at their shoes have no direction in life?

Anyhoo, that's all I have for random thought Friday. Have a great and safe Memorial Weekend!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

May 25 HNT

It's that day again. Happy HNT!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


What a beautiful day to go flying!

My pilot's club had a poker run yesterday, and of course I couldn't say no. For those who don't know what a poker run is, here's a quick explanation: You pay your entry(all proceeds for this one went to cancer charity) then you fly to four airports and pick up playing cards that are sealed in envelopes. When you get back to the starting airport you get your fifth card. After opening your cards and seeing your poker hand, you can opt to buy more cards to better the playing hand. The person with the best hand wins a prize, and there were also second and third place prizes. I got two pair, jacks and eights, and didn't win squat. It was a fun day, and we had a pitch-in dinner after it was over, with everybody going nuts over my oreo cheesecake:)

So here are some pictures of me landing at four of the airports. I already posted some pictures of me landing at one of the strips, you can go through my archives and see it here.

Coming into the second stop:

The third stop, very narrow and short runway:

The fourth stop, almost to the end!

The final stop, on the grass with everyone looking on(and analyzing my landing of course):

It was a great day, I logged a couple more hours, and some good landings.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

What Don'tcha Understand?

Took my mom out to lunch for Mothers day, the whole family was there. That hasn't happened for a while.

So then I was jonesing for a banana split so I decided to stop at a little ice cream shop. Ordered said banana split. Got banana split. What don'tcha understand about the concept of a banana split? It in no way is a dish of ice cream with toppings and sliced bananas. You're supposed to split the banana, and use a whole banana..not half...and not sliced! But it was good none the less. Sometimes I think I'm surrounded by morons and idiots. Man am I edgy here lately, or what!?

Friday, May 12, 2006

Sucky Day

Rain sucks! It's been raining all day, and cold to boot. Speaking of boots, outfitted myself with a new pair of shit-kickers today. Tried one on at the store(wore my old ones all day) and dayum! they feel good. Yeah, I'm easily ammused..go suck it! So I guess I'm in a mood....a few black 'n tans could help that, maybe a strongbow.

Had to go to the grocery today(I usually go to the Super Wal-Mart) to pick up some needed items. Are all people idiots? I have to confess, I'm a get-in, get-it, get-out shopper(and 99% of the time I have a list). I get annoyed at dumb-asses who don't know what they are looking for, or have to block the whole damned aisle just so they con look at different cans of beans. THEY'RE BEANS PEOPLE, AINTCHA EVER SEEN BEANS BEFORE!!??

And the blue-hairs, bless their hearts. If ya ain't ever used the self checkout, don't experiment for the first time in front of me!! And grandma, ya don't look cool with the pink blue-tooth thingie stuck in your ear. That's for us young-uns. And what the hell is up with Wal-Mart greeters? I truly hope I die before I ever get old enough to have to be a Wal-Mart greeter.

OK, rant over. Or at least I hope so. Maybe this rain will stop in a couple days and I can get up in the air, that would help a lot. Got a poker run with my flight club next weekend, pray for good weather. Well kid's hav a fun friday night, I'm going to go put a steak on the grill. Sliante!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

May11 HNT

Got my ears lowered today. Haven't had my hair this short for a few years. Very different.


Delivery of the bookcase!
I didn't have time to post this last week, when I actually finished it and delivered it. I had to go help my best friend out of state, but I am back now. So this is the finished product, sans the lighting. The client is so impressed, he doesn't want to cut holes in it for puck we are going to see about alternative lighting sources.(gonna suck if I have to pay a restocking fee for the lights I already bought) The room this was placed in is way too small for all this large furniture, so these bookcases will probably be separated. You can see in the picture that the deskcase is right beside the side flanking case, they look awesome together though.
And now I get to design a desk to match these pieces, and an entertainment center for their big-ass TV. Although it isn't as nice as the 61 inches of goodness;) Oh and did I mention they also want some bookshelves in the finished basement!? But for now I am working on other projects while the client is out of town...going to try a traditional design for a side-table, methinks ash is the best wood to use. 'Cause you know what they say: "ain't nothin' like a good piece of ash".