Saturday, February 24, 2007

Been a long time

It's been three months since I've been in the air. Yesterday was great... sunny, little wind, not too much haze. I putted around for about an hour, did some steep turns(greater than 30 degree banking) and practiced a couple stalls. Here are a couple pics:

This is a pic out the right side. As you can see, there is still snow covering everything.

Here is a picture of a nearby lake, still frozen over.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So glad

I'm so glad I know how to cook...and cook well. So I made some chicken picatta this evening. I really like that stuff. Of course, I can never follow a recipe. I always have to go a step farther and make it that much better. It's amazing I'm not 400lbs.

I also went to go flying today. This morning we had some freezing fog; nasty stuff to drive in. But by the afternoon the sky cleared up and it was sunny all afternoon. Got to the airport and talked with one of the mechanics for a bit then headed to the hanger. To be greeted by a huge pile of snow blocking my way. So instead of flying I shoveled snow. I'll go flying tomorrow. They're calling for fog again in the morning, but I'm sure it will clear up again. I kick myself for not getting up's been about 3 months since I've been in the air. I'll try and take pictures and post some. Stay tuned.

Monday, February 19, 2007

A Week

You gotta love Indiana weather. We're having a heat wave got up to 40 degrees today...WooHoo! The snow is melting fast, and to think a week ago we had blizzard conditions. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get out and play too much in the snow. I spent about an hour last Thursday clearing snow out of my drive, and of course a county snowplow would come along as I was in the middle of it. And then I had to get my trailer cleared out...that took about three I could get back to work.

In the past, whenever we got snow I would be out on the snowmobile having fun...but not this time. Growing up, my grandpa had a snowmobile shop and we were always on snowmobiles. My parents have a classic Polaris TX440. I have had so much fun on that thing. It doesn't compare to today's sleds, but it is awesome. I rebuilt the track a few years ago, what a difference. I used to be able to get it up to 55mph and the track would start skipping. After I rebuilt it, it would scream! I grew up on a major highway, to the south there was a big field, bout 1/4 mile long, and I would start at one end and try to outrace the cars on the highway. After I rebuilt the problem. I would get her up to about 70mph and then back off(the braking system hasn't been rebuilt, which means no brakes!

So I was snowed in for two days, which set my schedule back three days. I went to a jobsite on Friday...easy job. I got there(some townhomes) and the street was a mess. I had to take my jobsite trailer and found out there was no place to park. A crew was working on some new structures across the street. So I thought I would talk to the supervisor and see if I could park in the open lot across from the TH I was working in. No Hablo Ingles! So I wound up parking on the sidewalk in front of the TH and the one next to it. Oh! That was after I spent 45 minutes waiting for a lumber delivery truck to offload it's cargo. It amazes me, nobody on the jobsite spoke fluent english. Makes me wonder how well these houses are built.

So I'm looking forward to some warm weather. Hopefully in a month it will be warm enough I can do some fly fishing down in Tennessee. We'll see.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Got Me Some...

Yeah Buddy! No, really, if you have never had a bit of spotted dick, you ain't lived. It's good warm, with a spot of custard on top.

In other news...It's crappy outside! No, let's revise that: It Damn Shitty outside!! We've been in blizzard conditions all day, and the wind is still blowing. It's pretty flat here in central Indiana, and I live out in the country...which means blowing snow, and drifting snow. I had to wade through snow drifts up to my crotch while taking care of the horses today, and the snow stinging my face was unbearable. My boot tracks were filled in within a matter of minutes while I toted hay out to the beasts. By the time I got back inside I couldn't feel my pinky finger(of course that could be a byproduct of smashing it majorly while loading firewood last Sunday). Gotta love Indiana weather.

I would post a picture of the 4 foot snow drift behind my truck, but I'm not going outside again unless I have to. I have no idea if I'm going to go to the jobsite tomorrow. I cancelled today because of the weather. I couldn't see the stopsign on my road most of the day, it's less than 1/4 mile away. And the other great thing about living in the country? In my county, I'm in what the county highway department calls a "red zone"...which means they don't plow the roads until dead last, which means when this snow and wind stops...probably on Thursday.

EDIT--Here are a couple pics of the snow out my front door. At least the wind isn't blowing much today.

Enough bitching, warm weather will be here soon.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

What Is...

...this world coming to? I mean, c'mon people, it's called common sense. I was going through the local tv station web page and saw this recall notice(since my tv blew up a few weeks ago, this is my news, please, I really don't want you to send donations for a new hdtv). Look here. Now what the hell are these little Martha's(as in stewart) thinking? Ya know it gets hot, it bakes a damn cake for pete's sake. Keep yer grubby little paws outta the oven! Maybe we could chalk this up to lack of parental supervision? Or just plain stupidity! And ya know the company had to go through a lawsuit to issue this recall.

Here's a little advise to the yuppy soccer mom who initiated the lawsuit: Yer kid's stupit! Keep it away from common household appliances!(and animals too) And yer stupit fer not training it right! Hot shit burns! My dog's smarter than yer kid! It's called common sense! Damn, I need to get busy on that book I keep saying I'm gonna write. Please tell me there aren't that many people out there that are letting their little suzies cram their hands in these mini ovens. I need some kind of hope for humanity.

Oh, and Pud, please tell me you didn't take your easy-bake overseas with you. (although I know you are way more intelligent than these idiots, and you wouldn't think of sticking your hand in your oven)

I almost forgot...To these moron's who insist on being dumbasses and ruining it for the rest of us: Read the directions! They are there for your safety, and are written so that any 2nd grader could read and understand them.

In other news, Anna Nicole Smith died today. I didn't know her personally, but it's kinda sad. Can't say I was a fan of hers(not into the hunormous fake jugs, I like them proportionate), but she will be missed by some.

Oh, and the dumbass blogger says I have to switch...buncha dickheads.

I think I'll quit ranting for now, they're bringing the white jacket again. Later peeps!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Big Game Time

So tomorrow is the big game. I was out at my favorite pizza place this evening and of course they had Colts specials(the quarteback special, the coach special, yadayada)...I am so glad my TV blew up a couple weeks ago and I don't have to be innundated with all the home team crap going on every day around here. And I will not be rooting for the home team.

Yes, I will be rooting for the Bears. Why you may ask? Because I know a Bears player, he is my cousin and seeing how my family was pretty close when I was growing up, I pretty much grew up with him. Even been known to throw the football with him in the back yard on occasion. He is a great player, and a valuable asset to the team. And this is his second "Big Game", his first being with another team, where he happened to set a record and still holds that record. I actually held one of the game balls from the division championship game this week at his parents house. Pretty cool. And they also let me see one of their tickets to the big game. I think I liked the game ball better.

Ok, where was I? Oh I go to pay for the great pizza, I asked the cashier why they didn't have any Bears stuff around. And then quickly explained that they have had one of the players frequent their great establishment several times. Yeah, I think the bleach had gotten to her roots. She was like all, oh really, Ihavenoideawhatyou'retalkingabout expression all over the place. I just walked away quickly, a little afraid that something might be contagious. Ya just hadta be there.

So everyone have fun watching the big game, don't drink too much, and root for the Bears.
(and if the Colts win, don't rub it in)